Monday, October 31, 2011

Not an End, A Transformation

As I sit in my office with papers strewn about, Greek lexicons open on the coffee table, an offprint from the 8th International Congress on Coptic Studies to my left, and Crowley's Book of the Law to my right I realized that I must come to a reckoning. 

The reckoning is that Prolefood needs a transformation of sorts, as I began this whole work during a different time in my life.  I don't really want to end the blog, as I did enjoy it, and refer back to many of my own processes from time to time as I need a refresher.  So, I will keep the blog up for the sake of posterity (as long as I am able), but the entries will be by request only (I always want to order those items on a menu that say "by request only," but rarely have the foresight or requisite funds). 

So, for you, the readers if any of you are left after my most grievous absence, should  you come upon a particular food stuff that you are simply sick of buying in the store, or even sick of paying someone at a farm market a premium for*, comment here or elsewhere and I promise you that as I am able, I will both make it myself, and throw together a classic process for you and others to follow.  I hope all of you are not excessively sad.  Nothing ever ends. 

See you on the other side!  I leave you with a picture of young durian fruit.  They look cute now, but they smell so very bad.

* I am all for supporting local farms and such, so continue to do so if you like.  However, I went to a farm market and saw that they had 3/4 lb. packages of bacon for 12 dollars - 12 filthy dollars.  People bought it up too!  It was frozen (one of the biggest shortfalls of local farms, as frozen meat is not good meat), and surely from a happy pig, but you can make bacon for so much less!

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