The Practical

There are thousands of videos, guides, and recipes detailing numerous procedures that will appear here – and such is exactly the problem.  When the average doughletarian runs a search for “How to Make Yoghurt” the results are overwhelming.  Some tell you to heat the milk to 175 degrees, others to 180.  Some say cool quickly, others, slowly.  By the time you watch all the videos, read all the guides, and read the snarky comments, you have likely decided that your milk would be purposed more easily in a tall glass.

So. Why will this blog be any different?  Answer: Because I am a reasonably experienced chef, and an expert researcher (albeit of a different discipline).  I will distill the collective wisdom of this horde and add my own witty commentary.  I will create easy guides for all of you, free of excess information and expensive equipment, and designed to be easily replicated.

The only things I ask in return are that you remain strong and courageous, and that you spread the word.