A Manifesto

We’ve been duped.  Swindled.  Bamboozled.  We have cabinets and pantries and refrigerators filled with items we regularly buy from stores and companies whose very existence depends on our continuing belief that the creation of these items is best left to “the experts.”  We have allowed our collective cultural food heritage to be dumbed-down, over-processed, advertised, and taken from our own creative hands. Catch-phrases like “food-safety”, “homogenization”, and “foodborne pathogens” have successfully frightened us into a FDA-induced food coma borne on the coattails of bloated corporations.

Well, no more.  Here is where Prolefood (Pro-luh-food) comes in.  Every week, a few sacred cows will be sacrificed on the altar of do-it-yourself resourcefulness; a few patients will be resurrected from their comatose state. Together, we can gain back those skills, those arts forgotten and long uprooted.  Are all the doughletariat with me ? Rage Against the Cuisine.  Flour to the People!