Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Brief History of Time

I promise that I will stop with these semi-apologetic, theoretical posts and get down to some real material very soon.  Indulge me once more.

You have plenty of time.  Fergus Henderson, in his highly recommended book, "The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating (see link below)" has a wonderful quote:
Taking time with your food does not mean long, intricate recipes, just a little thinking ahead...not long and complicated processes, just a matter of time, which contrary to today's mood, we still have on our side.
Many of the skills I outline here will take some time (both to get the hang of, and sometimes just to do).  The king virtue of the aforementioned rubbish that is passed off as food and drink seems to be convenience and the compression of processes that frankly take time.

Hence, many of these processes will be easy, but few will be "time-savers." Allow yourself to discover just how much time you do have on your side with some of these processes, and allow yourself to marvel at just how marvelous things can taste when proper time is allowed for true developing of flavours.

Finally, you'll begin to realize how connected you will become to your foodstuffs through this time-consciousness.  You can gain an acquaintance after 5 minutes of interaction, but the kind of friendship that you cherish and maintain throughout your life takes months, or years.  Commit to making lasting friendships with your transformed cabbages, your mother doughs, and your newly mucilaginous stocks.

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